Photo27 is a team of wedding photographers and videographers film professionals directed by Diego Taroni, which in 2006 created the photography studio in Milan.
Technical skills, talent and artistry have led Diego Taroni to be successful in Japan and to be chosen by noted sports figures and entertainment.
The mission of the photo studio is to realize photographic services that excite and tell the story of your wedding with a particular attention to detail.
With an innovative style, a unique photographic approach and an accurate wedding reportage will make eternal your moments.
The photos will transmit exactly what will be the atmosphere of your wedding.
The photographic studio Photo27 has been present more than 10 years on the national and international market.
The photo studio has a deep knowledge of customs, traditions, religious and civil ceremonies thanks to the many foreigners who have chosen it in all these years.
In addition to wedding photography services also takes photos of pregnancy, family portraits, events and fashion.
The work of the team always exceeds the expectations of customers, both for the human side and character, both for the quality of higher artistic product that is delivered.
They rely on the most talented printers and bookbinders of Italy to achieve the wedding album and photo prints; not only the modern folding albums but also classic wedding albums, both sober, elegant and unique in their kind.
Thier wedding videos, very much appreciated, are characterized by a film style that through the implementation of a Wedding Trailer, of anticipation to the final video, tells the essence of the day.
The trailer can also be seen on You Tube and Vimeo channels.
The studio is open to all those who appreciate quality photography with a certain sensitivity and an artistic flair, and especially education.
Photo27 works with leading Wedding Planner in Italy.
Currently we receive customers in three locations: Milan, Novara and Conegliano Veneto.
Photo27 is also "elite member" of the American BOWP, Best of Wedding Photography, which includes the best wedding photographers in the world.
The studio is also writing to the most famous Italian and foreign marriage portals such as:



Wedding Chicks

Fearless Photographers

Wedding wire

Your perfect wedding photographer





Diego Taroni Photographer

In a general context... in a situation... i simply cut out something that excites me and I turned it into photography... to thrill the other, to move you. With my eye I see things that others see in different forms... playing with the light... with backgrounds... with the details all around you. My eyes are my camera, and I click these moments.

Diego Taroni (Diego Taroni, Owner and President)


Laura Mariani photographer Photo27

I taught Laura Mariani all my knowledge and it is just her who perceived some other aspects and shades in the past years: Photo27 thinking… Photo27 fine view but above all Photo27 heart. For this particular reason there are pictures that you will never understand from which photographer they come from: Diego or Laura? It does not matter… it is a Photo27 shot!

(Laura Mariani, photographer and more)

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