1. What is a standard package for your wedding photo service and how much does it cost?

The standard package costs € 1.600 and includes the wedding photo service with a professional photographer of the team, delivering within 120 days through Wetransfer and delivering photos high resolution (about 1000) in post production Style "photo27", excluding album.

    1. I see that you have also made VIP marriages. Do only luxury services?

Being selected by VIP customers guarantees our professional quality and respect for privacy. It does not necessarily mean that we should have unreachable prices ... You will pay according to the service chosen, or based on the number of operators involved in the event.

    1. What do you mean by post-production Style "photo27"?

Approximately 10% of photos are black and white, and another 10% are cremy shades while keeping the other photos in color. However, to avoid any doubt, just visit the site and see what is post-production in "photo27" style. If you want to receive all the photos without any post-production, you must notify us at the time of signing the contract.

    1. Where can you meet?

You can only meet us by appointment at one of our locations where you can view our pictures, albums and videos.
Via Magnani Ricotti, 19 - Novara
Via Montenapoleone, 8 - Milan
Via Vecchia Trevigiana, 50 - Conegliano Veneto (TV)
Via Andrea da Bari, 141 - Bari

    1. How far in advanced I have to reserve a service?

We recommend a year before marriage, but we will do our best if contacted a few months earlier.

    1. Do you also provide the albums?

Yes, we rely on the best printers to make book albums and traditional albums.
It is possible to view the wedding albums in the studio by appointment.

    1. How do I book a service?

Photographic service is deemed to be booked upon payment of the first deposit.

    1. Can I choose a wedding album later?

It is often advisable to choose whether to make the album and the typology once the photos are received.

    1. Do you move away?

Yes, we are traveling throughout Italy and abroad.
An additional fee will be charged for stay based on travel costs and overnight stay.

    1. What photographer will be present at my wedding?

Your wedding photographer will be the one you chose, depending on the availability at the time of signing the contract and the chosen package.
The price of services also varies based on the level of membership of the chosen photographer.

    1. Do you take photos posing?

Our photographic reportage provides, if you want it, also photos of couple. Usually happens during the aperitif, compatible with the ideal light conditions for making images to "photo27". It's not a classic pose ... we call it a "relaxed pose". It lasts a maximum of 15 minutes when let everything happen in a very natural way. We always recommend doing group photos to get a photo of those relatives and friends who by their nature skimp the photographers ... but it remains a valuable advice.
Do not hesitate to make any requests.

    1. Can I book only photo service without the video (or vice versa)?

Of course! It is possible to book the photo service or the video service individually. (The only condition: who does photo or video service not "photo27" will have to be a professional we consider to be such, in order to guarantee a waited service).
We also offer for those who also want the video drone service.

    1. We would like the photobooth or photo printing day. Do you do these services?

No, we don't. For this kind of service there are some special services.

    1. How long should I wait to have all the material?

Usually we deliver photo in law resolution and wedding video trailers within 90 days.
Photo choices made to make the wedding album and the music tracks for the final video will spend about 60 days for the final delivery in high resolution.

    1. Needed by a photographer for a business event / private party. Do you also do this kind of photo services?

Of course, we are often contacted by companies for their events and their activities. We also photograph jewelry, eyeglasses and fashion shows.
We are also contacted for private parties such as birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, family portraits, engagements, and more.
Do not hesitate to contact us to request information about your event.